Film & Theater studies Admission Essay

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Film & Theater studies Admission Essay

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Admission Essay
My eyes are scrutinizing through the first camera’s lens, observing and filing a moment that truly defined and revitalized my future. My settings on the Nikon D3400 camera was utilized to seek a person’s individuality by capturing special moments that share a story, personality, or emotion. This camera’s lens was critical to the shaping of new memories that will be eternal. It brought an intense feeling of aspiration that prevailed over my viewership, myself included. It then realized that I created a novel dimension of the world.
It was on a Monday morning, 11 am to be precise, when the school bell rang to signify that it was time to move on. Students poured into the small classroom in the basement, quickly settling on the seats amongst the plethora of cramped desks. Mr. B walks in through the back door while saying, “Good Morning Bonnies, I hope you’re ready to create your own VP movie. The deadline is this Monday.” VP is an acronym for Visual Perception. Mr. B wanted us to make a movie that visually interprets the surrounding environment. During the class session, my group and I came up with a 6-minute script that pertained a horror movie which we had viewed a few weeks ago, called ‘The Boy.’ Because of zeal in undertaking the project, combined with our creativity, we were able to create a visual perception movie that was greatly appealing. In this manner, we were able to attain the top three position within th…

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