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Film critique

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Critique of a film with abnormal psychology
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Critique of a film with abnormal psychology
This paper makes a critical review of the “Good Will Hunting” film. According to arts, movies tend to depict the real-life situations, so that every film should be acted and produced in a way that will portray the ordinary psychological conduct of different people. The movie has various characters that display unusual psychological behaviours due to the current scenarios. The film focuses on the protagonist having abnormal mental problems that resulted from the abuses he received from the peer groups. Importantly, the director of the film did not perform his role correctly as expected because the main character was not considered yet he passed through various challenges in life (YouTube, 2018).
Gerald Lambeau, the main character, had an unusual gift that enabled him to offer solutions for difficult questions asked in school and other life questions that would be artistic for film production. Inability to of the director to appreciate this resourceful gift made the actor to leave his home for California. The film is not edited and written as expected because it does not consider the morals of the people who will watch (YouTube, 2018). It has various immoral behaviours. Therefore, it is not recommended by many people. It does not provide hope to the young generation about their future. This is because the abnormal psychological circumsta…

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