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Film and Theater Book/movie review

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One of my most favorite characters of modern cinema Bob Harris played by Bill Murray in the film Lost in Translation (2003). Bob’s characterization – led by the writer, producer, and director Sofia Coppola. This has an unparalleled amount of depth that keeps me fully engaged with the film throughout. The extent of characterization speaks to the demand that characters in a movie must possess independence of intention, expression, and motivation (Cohen, 2006).
In the film, Bob’s depth is primarily achieved in layers. The first being the way Bob reacts to the world that at the beginning of the film that is comprised mostly of anonymous Tokyo hotel that he indicated. At this beginning, he is best described as depressed and curmudgeonly. He is blunted by a hefty dose of dark and sarcastic humor in his expression. This layer is peeled away following his meeting and subsequent romance with Charlotte who both met at the hotel bar. His interactions with Charlotte reveals to the viewer his second layer, that of having a total lack of excitement in his life that is controlled by his wife and two children who do not want him even to speak to Bob on the phone. Charlotte’s interest in him creates his character and reveals his intention to the viewer. This includes the escape from the mundane and the reveal of Bob’s final layer of personality. Furthermore, it shows his happiness and dynamic nature when he…

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