Fill out the worksheet per Haddon matrix

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Fill out the worksheet per Haddon matrix

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Haddon Matrix: Flash Floods in Rural Community
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Applying the Haddon Matrix Windows of Opportunity
The Problem “Flash Floods in Rural Community.”
Risk_______ Host/Human Agent/Vehicle Environment
Physical Socioeconomic/
Phase Preparedness for flash floods
Increase number of emergency first responders
Teach on warning signs (thunderstorm, hurricane, heavy rains and meltwater ice)
Raise flood awareness
Protection at the property level
Prevent causes of flash floods (poor drainage)
Flood alleviation scheme like storing flood water (oversized pipes and underground tanks) Identify possible escape routes
Teach individuals about the nature of flash floods Mostly occurs in heavy summer rains
In dry areas
Water rises slowly with low flow speed if the area is flat CITATION Rus08 l 1033 (Russell & Pennell, 2008). Create an effective evacuation plan
Ensure efficiency of emergency first responders
Train the community on evacuation
Ensure adequate weather surveillance
Event Phase Follow appropriate evacuation procedures
Ensure fast response to the emergency Evacuate house
Move to higher grounds
Act early to prevent cutoff when roads become flooded Emergency number
Warn neighbors of impending danger Ensure there are adequate emergency services
The fast and effective evacuation plan
Phase Consider management options
Rural recovery systems Get all equipment tested before use

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