Field Experience C: Content Knowledge

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Field Experience C: Content Knowledge

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General Curriculum and Accommodations for Individuals with Exceptionalities
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Curriculum and Accommodations for Individuals with Exceptionalities
The InTASC 4 standard defines what beginning individual teachers need to know and be able to do to practice safely and efficiently. When a single education teacher assumes sole responsibility for teaching a core academic subject matter class at any level, the unique educator must have a solid knowledge base in the subject to be prepared to ensure the students can meet state curriculum standards.
The InTASC 4 Standard is engineered to help the individual educators teach students with moderate disabilities between the ages 5- 14 and ages 12-21 who are mildly impaired. It is prudent to use many learning methods to impart instruction that helps increase the undergraduates’ ability to critically think and solve problems by striving to serve in different ways to grant a platform for education. By taking advantage of different teaching methods, the content will be more meaningful as well as accessible to every student.
By guiding learners through learning progressions, one promotes each learner’s achievement of content standards. The tutor will involve the students in learning experiences in the subject that encourages learners to understand, question, and analyze ideas from different sides so that they learn the material taught at school. The teacher involves learning through the application of metho…

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