Field Education Experience

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Field Education Experience

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Field Education Experience
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Field Education Experience
The completion of my field education experience at University Behavioral Health of Denton a private psychiatric hospital in North Texas has considerably enhanced my practice skills. For one, it has enabled me to apply the lessons learned in theory, to daily real-life situations. Consequently, I was able to learn which approaches work best in handling clients and adapt them to specific circumstances. It also enlightened me on the adverse impacts of opioid epidemics as there were numerous cases of dependency addictions. Further, it enlightened me on the centrality of evidence-based practice and research in informing practice.
The experience also enlightened me on critical skills in the organizational context of practice, primarily on how to handle people with mental disorders effectively. I was also able to substantively engage with the patient and families and empathize with them on their tribulations. Consequently, it has also significantly enhanced my interpersonal skills. Further, the experience has enabled me to develop a professional identity and thus engage in self-assessment. I also learned the importance of appropriate use of supervision and consultation to offer optimal services that meet the needs of the patients, families, colleagues as well as investors. The experience gathered will be of crucial in my future role as I would be more prepared in carry…

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