Feminisom in the U.S.A and the us of the Femeal Body

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Feminisom in the U.S.A and the us of the Femeal Body

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The Rhetorics of the Body in the United States Feminism
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Using the French-American approach to feminism, this research tries to show how the body can be used as a rhetoric device in the feminist narrative. In the same way, the article tries to show the ways the patriarchy seeks to deny women the right to know and use their bodies. It will demonstrate that the patriarchy shows itself not only in the government but also in the country’s culture, through mass media and fashion. Last, this essay aims to show how the use of the “body” as a method of self-awareness permeates today’s feminism
What is feminism, and what makes a person a feminist? Before starting on the subject, it is important to lay a conceptual framework that answers these primordial questions regarding the importance of women in the American history. However, this essay is not focused on how women are essential for the country’s history. Instead, the research focuses on how the image of the female body and all its connotations have been used by the feminist movement through the years as a way to empower women and raise awareness of the existent gender gap in the country.
Feminism Defined
The word feminist as known by the mass media, and the general population carries a myriad of connotations, and a series of perceived stigmas that mark feminism as “dangerous” or “controversial” (Offen, 1988). In the same light, mass media has…

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