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Feminism Wallpaper

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[Feminist Criticism in “The Yellow Wallpaper]
The story begins with the narrator, a woman who has recently moved with his husband to a big rented house while theirs is being repaired. The woman is suffering, what his husband call a “nervous depression” (Gilman 648). This depression, according to his husband, renders incapable of doing any physical activities, which confines her to her bedroom. To appease her boredom, the narrator decides to write a diary against the will of her husband, who considers such action would not do her any good; however, what the man fails to see is that he is imprisoning his housewife in the bedroom, worsening her condition by not allowing her to do activities that would improve her depression. Hence, although he has good intentions, his intentions are against the will of the narrator. This can be seen as the first instance of patriarchal oppression. The man, a paternalistic physician, uses treatment methods that Gilman herself suffered through her treatment for a similar problem (Gilbert and Gubar 941). For this reason, Gilman’s story is a reflection of her bouts with depression and male oppression. Hence, the author, like the narrator, was told not to live an intellectual life and rest, as if it would do her good in improving their condition. Nevertheless, to Gilman, her experience made her realize that although doctors said there was nothing wrong with her, she was clearly ill. On the other h…

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