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Feminism Comparison

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A West verses East Comparison of Feminism History
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A west verses East comparison of feminism history
Equality across gender has and continues to be a target yet to be met. Although several strides have been made towards its realization, the specific changes to this effect were not manifested simultaneously on a global scale. Different regions have for over a century now been independently adopting various lifestyles and regulations regarding gender equality. This paper intends to look at the evolution of feminism making an elaborate comparison of the same between China and the US.
Little is documented concerning the history of women rights in China before the beginning of the 20th century. However, the role in undermining women played by Confucianism which was widely accepted in ancient China cannot be downplayed. A girl child’s probability of getting an education was slim at best during this period. To make matters worse, they had no say as to whom they would be married to, with some of them ending up as concubines against their will. The tenth century marked the adoption of a practice known as foot binding which despite its supposed value of beautification was in reality some form of torture among young girls.
For the United States, 1830 marked the beginning of the Victorian era. During the mid-19th century, the average number of children per woman was approximately five. Employment of women, …

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