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Ways to Gain Community Support in Mitigating Major Vulnerabilities
In the years to come, it is expected that there will be an increase in the intensity and frequency of natural disasters and hazards. This is especially because the rate of environmental degradation has been on the rise. It is therefore important for the community to be prepared and to develop effective mitigation strategies. There are some ways through which one can gain community support in mitigating major vulnerabilities. First, ensuring that the community gets access to sufficient and quality education would be an important strategy. Education will go along with creating awareness whereby the community will be sensitized on the various risk vulnerabilities (Thomas et al. 2013). When the community is educated, it will be easier for them, to understand the various mitigation strategies. They will also know the possible mitigation strategies that can be employed and therefore, acquiring their support would not only be easier but will be a kind of exchange program where they will also share their knowledge on the same.
In this regard, the second strategy should be to involve the community in the decision making process. When making decisions on the ways that can be applied to mitigate vulnerabilities, the community should be offered an opportunity to give their input on the same. The importance of involving the community in the process is that th…

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