Federalism Exploration

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Federalism Exploration

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Federalism Exploration
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The term federalism is broadly used to refer to the political organization mode whereby unity is established among separate states found within an overarching system of politics thus allowing each the ability to maintain the essential political integrity. Federal governments do accomplish this role through the distribution of powers among the general as well as the constituents governments in a way that is designed to offer protection to the existing authority of each government. It is worth noting that with the federal system of governance, the national government is granted some powers and on the other hand, the same government reserves some authorities to be executed by the states (Grossberg & Tomlins, 2008). This paper aims to explore the federal method of governance of the United States of America (USA).
The constitution of federal government of the United States specifies the powers of the national government, for instance, the war declaration authority. The state government holds responsibility for a wide variety of laws such as; the estate and law of inheritance, education, public health laws, judiciary laws, public works laws as well as electoral laws among many others. On the other hand, the local government plays the role of not only the adaptation but also the application of the state law to the local authorities, essential public services, public works contracts as well as public accom…

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