Feasability Analysis

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Feasability Analysis

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Feasibility Analysis
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Feasibility Analysis
A significant number of project ideas fail to take off even after a successful conceptualization of their ideas. A reason for the failure of such projects is the inability to conduct feasibility analyses. The feasibility analysis evaluates the technical, legal, operational, scheduling, and economic feasibility, of a project to identify any form of constraints that may be encountered in the process. It also provides project managers with adequate time to develop relevant risk management procedures and hence, the success of the project (Walt et al., 2015). The paper analyses the feasibility of the research conducted by Elizabeth Rice on “Schizophrenia and Violence: Accepting and Forsaking.” The report looks at the viability of the study and hence its reliability in the formation of policies to ensure that victims of violence suffering from schizophrenia are rescued in time.
The paper fails to denote the time frame taken to pursue the study. However, it mentions that the interview process lasted one hour to two hours depending on the client. A similar research is likely to take several weeks given the intensity and magnitude of going through case-by-case representations of victims of violence yet suffering from schizophrenia. Thus, adequate time should be given even for the secondary perusal of the documents to ensure that all elements are captured in the research process.
The researcher’s ex…

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