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The FDA is a consumer protection agency that falls under the US Department of Health and Human Services. Moreover, the components of FDA include the office of the commissioner and four directorates that carry out different functions within the agency. Again, it is organized into various product centers each of which is tasked to regulate specific products within its jurisdiction; they include drugs, foods, and cosmetics. The FDA also has a research center that enables it to determine the safety of products. This agency was established to help the government to achieve public health goals.
This agency has the mandate to set safety standards for various consumer products. Its activities have a significant impact on the lives of Americans and the world at large. The functions of the FDA are related to its mission to protect public health. To start with, the FDA oversees the activities of firms that manufacture drugs and medical devices (Crosse 5). This involves both domestic and foreign companies and is meant to ensure that they comply with good manufacturing practices. This agency samples all imported products to determine their safety and takes action against any firm that does not comply with its standards.
The FDA collaborates with other foreign regulatory agencies to facilitate the sharing of information regarding the quality and safety of products exported to the United States. This enables the FDA to decide which products to allow…

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