Famous Case 9/11

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Famous Case 9/11

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Famous case 9/11
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This paper examines the annotated bibliography on famous case 9/11 that was obtained from the online sources. Despite the fact that there are various online sources, the article focused on the detailed information researched by Loftus in the year 2011. He suggested that there are many sources used to obtained crime evidenced and the major one encompasses fetching the info from either suspects or prisoners because their probability of giving reliable evidence is high. However, he added that all investigators should be cautious about the mechanisms they use to obtain information as some may provide false results. Also, discussions are made on the description on how and where the resource article will be used in the final paper. Finally, the paper examines Loftus (2011) research in relative to other articles on famous cases to indicate that all the other sources should also be looked at to ensure maximum understanding of forensic science.

Loftus, E. F. (2011). Intelligence gathering post-9/11. American Psychologist, 66(6), 532.
Loftus in the article explains that the information that is usually used for the intelligence reasons are obtained from interrogating many people. To him, those people who can provide the most convenient and reliable data are captured prisoners and the suspects. However, any individual who can give a more elegant detail regardless of …

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