family theoretical perspectives revised

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family theoretical perspectives revised

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Family Theoretical Perspectives
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The Calgary assessment model by Wright and Leahey is the best theoretical approach that can help nurses to asses a patient in relation to their family. I have decided to choose this model since it helps nurses asses the requests and preferences of certain families and expose them to the best health care possible. Families who have chronic or acute illness have a great reliance on the nurses to help them manage the situation that is facing them and nurses have since long ago studied issues related to psychology that associate themselves with; family functioning, resilience, strength and coping with conditions of health that affect a family. This theory confirms that in order to understand a person well, their family and social context must be involved and the whole family should be examined together. This is different when each family member is handled individually and the best nursing plan cannot be arrived at. There is a need to incorporate family in nursing care process since this is boosted by the strengths of the family as a pact.
This theory is used by most nurses as to sharpen the observations that they make and improve on the understanding that is required on the response of the humans on to which they direct their interventions. This theory brings forth a tool that is needed by the nurses to diagnose and asses the health status of their clients. When family is involved in the assess…

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