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family relationship

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Family Relationship
Family is the principal foundation of life. I first learn about loving and caring from the relationships in my family. Family relationship varies from parents, siblings and also grandparents (Grotevant, Harold and Catherine 36). Every member of my family plays an essential role in building a stable relationship. In my family, we have gone through good and bad times, but the positive ones outnumber the negative moments.
In my family, we have a healthy relationship. Both of my parents are working, and every evening we have dinner together. We pray together before we sleep, and my mom sees my younger siblings in their rooms. During the weekends we go out for picnics, and we have fun together. Every family has a standard, goal that they work towards, and in my family, we have a common goal which is togetherness (Grotevant, Harold and Catherine 41). I am a mentor to my younger siblings so that when my parents are not around, they look up to me. I am a role model to my younger siblings too, so they look up to attain the level of education I have attained and attain good grades as I do. I assist my younger siblings with homework and help them do the cleaning to their rooms. Also, we often play together.
My parents are so proud of me. They say I act like a grown up because when left with my siblings, I manage them to have a good relationship with each other. I help my mom with household chores on weekends …

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