Family Nurse Practitioner

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Family Nurse Practitioner

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Family Nurse Practitioner Program
My intended graduate nursing program is Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP). FNP is a part of the advanced nursing programs that equip the nurses with the right skills and competencies to aid in delivering family-focused care. The healthcare services offered by the FNP range from the health promotion, direct care, disease prevention, and counseling which revolves around the family unit.
I have two major professional career goals after completing my FNP Certification. One of the goals that I have is to advance my nursing career through pursuing advanced Diploma in nursing care and aim at becoming a Registered Nurse. My second professional career goal is preparing myself for taking a leadership position in nursing, and I will develop my leadership skills through leadership conferences as well as assuming responsibilities. My professional experiences have adequately prepared for the study at the University. These experiences have enabled me to enhance my competencies in nursing. The graduate program will assist me in meeting these goals through equipping me with the right knowledge, skills, and competencies required to achieve all these goals.
I have planned to devote myself entirely to this program. Studying for this program is a significant milestone that will enable me to realize my goals. I have decided to take a study leave during this period so that I can focus all my…

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