Familiarity with Christianity

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Familiarity with Christianity

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Familiarity with Christianity
I am most familiar with Christianity as a world religion due to main reasons. The first reason is the fact that I am a Christian and I am aware of the main aspects and doctrines regardless of the denomination. For instance, all Christians adhere to the teachings of Jesus Christ as the foundation of their faith. In most cases, Jesus is the son of God whose death on the cross was the ultimate salvation for the sins of the humanity (Johnson et al 41). The use of the Bible as a reference and a source of guidance is also another common aspect in all Christian activities such as worship and meditation. Majority of the Christian faithful also believe in the Holy Trinity (God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit). The second reason for being most familiar with the religion is because Christianity is the most popular religion. About 31.2% of the world population is Christians. I am thus exposed to many Christian teachings and practices due to an exposure to the faith through literature, news, and interactions with other Christians. Thirdly, I am familiar with Christianity from listening to gospel songs and watching films documenting various aspects of the faith such as the passion of Christ.
Studying of religion is has a significant impact on my understanding of the doctrines, values, beliefs, and practices that are the basis of not only Christianity but other faiths as well. Consequently, st…

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