Fall prevention plan for the eldery

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Fall prevention plan for the eldery

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Fall Prevention for Elderly
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Fall Prevention for Elderly
A major threat in geriatric individuals is the risk of fall. Elderly patients are challenged by cognitive deficits like dementia and lack of physical fitness which makes them prone to falls. In the United States of America, one -third of individuals who are aged more than 65 years experience at least one episode of fall in any given year. One out of every ten falls is designated as a serious injury (Gillespie et al, 2004).
Such injuries involve fracture femur, subdural hematoma or hip injury. All such injuries require hospitalization and the mobility of the individuals are restricted to an average span of one year. Apart from the physical and emotional aspects of injury, immobility itself creates the risk of other ailments and one such issue is the risk of developing deep vein thrombosis (Martinelli, Brucierelli & Manucci, 2004). Nursing professionals and community care-providers must inculcate specific skills and evidence-based knowledge to ensure effective management of geriatric patients who are prone to falls (Chang, Morton & Rubenstein 2004).
Patient Background
Mrs. Jones being a 78-year-old individual has been susceptible to falls. This was evidenced by her recent history and frequency of falls in past three months. She has suffered the fracture in the wrists and has become relatively immobile. Moreover, she d…

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