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Faking It

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Lisa Gray is a Castleford born chemist who is chosen to star in a reality show called ‘Faking It’. Hailing from an average-life background, the show requires her to undergo a complete makeover that will revolutionize her personality from its core, on areas such as speech, and transform her into a ‘Lady of London.’ Assisted by three professionals who have studied basic aspects of the elite culture, Lisa’s ultimate task is to attend a dinner party and fit into a group of about nine strangers, all of whom come from a noble background and fit in as one of them.
In her quest to rise up to the task ahead, Lisa undergoes a number of challenges. She is required to change her accent to suit that of a high-class lady. She is also required to adjust her posture into an upright one similar to that of the social elite in London. Her table etiquette also suffers as she is taught how to eat, hold wine glasses and converse like a true London lady. The intensity of the challenge of adjusting her whole personality is further fuelled by the fact she is required to assume all these traits even when in her subconscious and reflex state. Furthermore, she has to assimilate all that she has been taught within a limited timeframe of just a few weeks. At one point, the pressure gets too much and she becomes homesick leading to her being issued a break from the whole faking it routine.
Lisa’s case depicts the…

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