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Food and Drug Administration
Food and Drug Administration
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is one of the most recognized federal agencies in the United States health and humanities departments. The United States Congress founded FDA in 1906. Its headquarter is in White Oak, Maryland with 223 field offices plus approximately 13 laboratories in the 50 states. It has 14,824 employees.
The primary role of this agency is to protect and promote public health (US Food and Drug Administration, 2012). Significantly, this is approached by ensuring proper supervision and control of tobacco products, the food supplements used in foods, the safety of the consumable food, and medications with much concern on the over-the-counter drugs. It also concerns with ERED devices which emit electromagnetic radiation.
The agency has significant impacts on human health both positive and negative; regulation in the use of cellular phones, condoms, and lasers among others renders most human life palatable for disease infections. In cases of infection, the control also becomes complex due to a risk associated with such implications. In it subdivision of foods into the various categories-dietary supplement, the body can now access the variety of food substances. It allows providing proper scrutiny on medication thus no human contaminations. Generic drugs are also approved for changes to be eatable for humans. This can be used to cure deadly diseases like Ebola. It also ena…

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