Facts and Nothing but the Facts?

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Facts and Nothing but the Facts?

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Debate of Affordable Care
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Participant 1: Argues that there will be detrimental effects to the repealing of the Affordable care act. According to the participant, the effect would be especially detrimental to Americans living with pre-existing conditions. This includes approximately 129 million (Americans Robertson, 2011). Before ACA, it was possible for insurance agencies to reject applicants with various pre-existing conditions. It is, therefore, essential to consider the impact of repealing the ACA so that the legislators can make an informed choice.
Participant 2: Although not objecting to the implementation of ACA, the continuator acknowledges that the policy has not solved some of the target challenges. A good example for this are the visits to the emergency room. Even after the implementation of ACA in 2015, the number of people visiting the ER has been going up (ER Visits Continue to Rise Since Implementation of Affordable Care Act.)
Participant 3: Discusses the benefits that are available for people under the affordable care act. This video is supposed to make it clear to people about the advantages associated with ACA. In this past, there is the explanation of cheaper insurance covers that are affordable to everyone. There is the insurance of individuals with pre-existing conditions and especially addicts. There is also the mention of the special groups that are taken care of by ACA. The example given includes the subsidy of …

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