Factors leading to unsuccessful marriages in the Caribbean

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Factors leading to unsuccessful marriages in the Caribbean

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Factors Leading to Unsuccessful Marriages in The Caribbean
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Most Caribbean countries and Jamaica reports a high rate of unsuccessful marriages. The first source taken from the final essay was written by Carpenter Karen who researched the Interweaving Tapestries of Culture and Sexuality in the Caribbean in 2017. Carpenter Karen is a psychologist and clinical sexologist in Jamaica thus she is a credible source. The second source was research conducted by Gray, Reece, Coore, Dinnal, Pellington, and Samms in 2015 investigating sexuality among father of newborns. The essay will show how the culture of sexuality contributes to high cases of unsuccessful marriages and divorces in Jamaica and the Caribbean. Inadequate sex satisfaction and fear of communicating sex matters contribute to breakups.
The two sources prove that the culture of sexuality contributes to increased failed marriage in Jamaica and Carribean. According to Gray et al. (2015), fathers in those countries leave their marriages, and others have multiple sexual partners due to dissatisfaction in sex from their wives. Carpenter shows that most marriages fail due to having multiple partners to satisfy sexual drive an act that breach the marriage contract.
Also, the articles show a similar stand in that most marriages in Caribbean and Jamaica fails due to fear to communicate effectively to the partners on matters related to sex. Research conducted by Carpenter shows that …

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