Factors Influencing Health Care Access revised

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Factors Influencing Health Care Access revised

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Factors Influencing Health Care Access
There are five factors that influence utilization of healthcare system. They include accommodation, availability, acceptability, accessibility, and affordability.
Availability of health care services is a necessity in any society, and, therefore, the services offered by healthcare personnel should meet the population’s need. Different segments of a population require different health care services. If a particular segment of a population is large, health care services required by that segment should be more and vice versa (Sandstrom, Lohman, & Bramble, 2014, 17).
Accessibility is another factor that influences utilization of healthcare services. The facilities should be established in a location with an excellent infrastructural network, not only in urban centers but also in rural areas to ensure that the population living outside the urban centers can access a full range of the services (Sandstrom, Lohman, & Bramble, 2014, 17), thus guaranteeing accessibility.
Accommodation addresses the people’s ability to utilize the health care services, how the facilities are organized and the appropriateness of services. The service provider’s schedule should be flexible so as to accommodate patients (Sandstrom, Lohman, & Bramble, 2014, 18). When planning health care services, these factors should be considered to guarantee accommodation of all potential patient…

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