Fact vs. Fiction

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Fact vs. Fiction

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Fact vs. Fiction
Since fictional narratives are stories which are made up and include a lot of unrealistic events as well as other exaggerations, pseudo-environment are highly utilized in the creation of these accounts since they help create biases which agree with the storyline (Gerbner and Morgan 1). These narratives are important since they help tell accounts in an interesting way. Besides, fictional narratives help inform the audience about myths and other imaginations that exists within this world and other ‘worlds’ (Menand 1). As such, these narratives fit into the society since they set boundaries between the real world and the mythical world.
Comic books are publications which are in form of art and present scenes in balloon frames. These books tell fictional stories in a humorous manner and normally have a moral message (Glass 2). The content of these books is imaginative though some factual aspects are included. Most if not all comic stories are developed in a cartoon form where some characters are supernatural beings.
Evidently, superheroes are fictional characters who are features in fictional narratives. These semidivine beings are majorly mythical and are considered to be legends. The fact that superheroes possess incredible strengths, mental power and fighting prowess makes them unrealistic (Winkler 1). For instance, superheroes such as Batman, Superman, the flash and others are hig…

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