Facebook or Instagram Information System

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Facebook or Instagram Information System

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Facebook Information System
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Facebook Information System
Facebook is a social network providing people with a platform to share common goals and objectives as well as interest. The network has been providing people with same objectives a chance to interact irrespective of geographical boundaries offering many numerous benefits (Turel, 2015). Facebook is proof of a revolution where people have found a way to communicate using the internet. The users of Facebook are diverse with different people having different reasons for using the media. The characteristics of the Facebook users include the relationship builders, those that use it for the social networking (Rauniar et al., 2014). The second characteristics of the user are the window-shoppers who seek to gather information about goods and services they need to purchase or sell. The next characteristic is the town criers like the professional journalist with their virtual self being different from their real world (Turel, 2015). The last category is a majority which is the ‘selfies” who are the groups of people who post images and videos to create images about themselves.
Facebook has been increasing popularity with its features increasing every day. However, some features are the most common and frequently used, such as the photos, newsfeed, relationship status and timelines which have been used by the Facebook users (Rauniar et al., 2014). Facebook continues to improve its features f…

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