Facebook and Netflix Case Studies Revised

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Facebook and Netflix Case Studies Revised

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Facebook and Netflix Case Studies
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Facebook and Netflix Case Studies
Facebook’s privacy policy and management of user’s personal information significantly affects the behaviors of Facebook users. For one, the company collects vital data on their interests and demographics, which it distributes to other parties to bolster targeted advertisement to innocent patrons who in many instances end up purchasing goods as a result of data they unknowingly gave out. Some third-party applications can also collect vital data from users without their consent poses a risk as some can maliciously use the data (Nelson & Quick, 2013).
I believe the way Facebook handles privacy issues is inappropriate as it predisposes millions of its users to cyber risks. Consequently, I protect my basic information such as my hometown by avoiding to update them despite prompts from the site. I also have limited the things I type, by carefully considering what to type and what not to. Besides, I often review my privacy settings to ensure no one has logged into my account. Further, I limit my interactions to restrict malicious people from accessing my information.
Some of the significant challenges Netflix faces include difficulty in the deployment of technology gadgets and infrastructure that facilitate its accessibility. Besides, the growing competition from other emerging streaming sites such as Amazon reduces its customers. Further, the f…

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