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Eyewitness Identification
The reliability and validity of a testimony provided by an eyewitness at a criminal court can be challenged. As an attorney, I will base my defense on the procedures applied by the law officers in acquiring the eyewitness identification. Certainty showed by an eyewitness in a courtroom might not be an indicator of accurate information and I have to defend my client. Eyewitnesses sometimes are at high risk of false identification and the suspect must receive the justice they deserve.
The client is not guilty because the report provided by the eyewitness is bias and slightly accurate because of the memory reconstruction while in the courtroom. It is thus imperative that the jurors consider following the rules in the suspect identification to increase the accuracy of the information (Hal & Scott, 2010). The problem with the eyewitness is attached to the process of reconstructing memories due to a certain misconception. Memories are often reconstructed every moment an individual recalls them and the report given in the court could be a possibility of benefiting the witness.
There is a possibility of memory alteration from the moment that the lawyer starts to question the eyewitness. The eyewitness has never attended any court sessions and the answer given could be due to a lack of confidence or trying to portray a high confidence level (Hal & Scott, 2010). Therefore fragments of eyewitness memory coul…

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