Extra crdit for form2/ how Donald Trump Won the 2016 Election (TIMELINE)

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Extra crdit for form2/ how Donald Trump Won the 2016 Election (TIMELINE)

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How Donald Trump Won the 2016 Election
Winning an election is an equation composed of many independent variables. The variables are factors essential for the resulting success in an election. For instance, Trump won the USA elections as a result of various reasons. One of them is the fact that the USA is a democratic county. These decisions are made by the elective representatives rather than the state officials (Krutz 558). Despite the state endorsing Clinton, it had no power to make the decision regarding on the presidency. The reasons behind Trumps win as analyzed in the video could be well summarized by the following four points.
Trump’s Votes that Were Silent
The polls before elections were not able to pick up on the silent Trump vote. According to the previous polls, Clinton was on average 3-point lead. The polls were however not correct because the Trump voters were not cooperative with the pollsters. (Krutz, Glen 457). It was then widely believed that Trump would lose elections. Trump was also strategic because the college vote that decides the outcome of the election was most of them silent. He, therefore, won by the congress votes (Krutz, Glen 457). This is despite of him losing the majority votes national wide.
Celebrity Beat Organization
It is believed that a first-rate “Get Out the Vote” organization in political campaigns is inevitable (Gaughan, Anthony). Therefore, it was widely believed that give…

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