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Dated: 7th January 2018
The Dean of Pharmacy
University of ……………
Ref: Explanation for my failure to maintain the required academic standards for the Ph.D. Curriculum on Pharmacy at your esteemed University
Dear Sir/Madam,
Presently, I am pursuing the ——- year Ph.D. Program on Pharmacy under the guidance of Prof. ——– ——–of your esteemed University. However, I have failed to maintain the necessary academic standards and competence that was required by Prof. ——–during ———–to———–. I have been a diligent learner and always exhibited a positive attitude to excel in the field of Pharmacy. In fact, my professional endeavor was to address the technological and legal bottlenecks that impose significant challenges on pharmacists (American Society of Health-System Pharmacists 1148-1152). In this regard, I joined the Ph.D. Curriculum in your esteemed organization because of the infrastructural support and state-of-the-art facilities in the Department of Pharmacy. Till _______ 2017, I always complied with the instructions of Prof. ——— and exhibited requisite competence that was expected of me. However, from ——–2017, I was confronted with different challenges in my personal life. Such challenging situations significantly impaired my professional career and I failed to meet an 80% of the academic competence that was expected of me. I am a single mother with the sole responsibility of rearing my 5-year daughter. Hence, I foun…

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