Explain 2 errors in attribution

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Explain 2 errors in attribution

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Explain 2 Errors in Attribution
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Attribution is the analysis individuals make when they perform a particular action to justify their behavior. The interpretation made by the person can either be dispositional or situational. When a dispositional attribute is created, it means an individual attribute that particular behavior to the traits of performs expressing that behavior. Also when we have a situational attribute, it means the individual attribute his/her behavior to external factors such as the environment (Hannibal 2012). Errors in attribution are the mistakes people make systematically when they are explaining the causes of action. Fundamental attribution and self-serving bias error are the two types of attribution errors, and this article will focus on analyzing these two errors.
According to Lau and Russel (1980), humans tend to make a self-serving mistake a mistake that allows an individual to receive credit for our wins, but when it comes to failures, we blame it on other people. Therefore this error of attribution is made every time an individual focuses on obtaining praise and recognition for the things well done but tend to express denial and rejection of his/her behavior when they achieve failure, and they tend to accuse external factors such as severe weather for the case of an athlete. Humans tend to take credit for success by explaining it with disposition I’m smart/I’ve studied instead of “simple test”/”soft marking.” Howe…

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