Exercise Psychology

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Exercise Psychology

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Unhealthy habits
Lifestyle behaviors related to health to a great extent determine the mortality and disease fundamentals to the health of the public. Some of the lifestyle habits that have been associated to impact the health of the individuals include alcohol consumption, cigarette smoking, and inequalities of health status between groups of different socioeconomic level, diet and physical activities (Yang, He, Wang, Liu, Shen, Gong, & Zhu, 2015). This article presents a cross-sectional study on the assessment of the lifestyle behaviors related to the health for female and male among the urban workers from the rural in Shanghai. This study used a lifestyle score which was based on the above identified six behaviors and their association with the causing factors including the marital status, workplace, mental status, history of migration, and the salary.
The participants in the study came from four central and three fringing districts in the community health service centres. The sampling involved migrant workers in the construction, manufacturing, domestic service, hospitality, recreation, and small business. All the workers in the workplaces who were migrants were eligible for the study, and this population was more than 50% in every community service centre.
The study which was carried out in 2012 from August to October employed a multistage cluster random sampling procedure in recruiting the participan…

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