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Executive Summary

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Comfort Systems USA is a company that deals with HVAC installation, their maintenance repair as well as replacement services. Being based in the US, the company’s market majorly lies within various institutions, industries and other commercial platforms that require the services that they offer. The company mainly provides solutions to various challenges encountered by the customer base that requires services related to automated mechanics. In the coming years, the company expects to expand its market both nationally and internationally and intends to do so majorly by way of advertising.
However, like all other businesses, the company does not exist without competition. Although it is among the leading companies offering services of this kind, there is stiff competition from other companies which are larger and thus exist within large areas thus attracting more customers. There are also smaller companies that operate by undercutting the prices of their services in order to attract customers who would have otherwise have opted for larger and more experienced companies to offer them the service. Other challenges that the company faces are a shortage of skilled labor in the USA, various barriers to entry to other parts of the world for various reasons, the company’s effect to the external environment which could result in legal issues as well as multi-family condos.
The company has however put up various mechanisms with which it intends to combat these challenges and m…

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