Executive KPI anaysis and summary to CEO of Hospital

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Executive KPI anaysis and summary to CEO of Hospital

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Executive KPI analysis and summary to CEO of Hospital
The report summarises the overall performance and shows the key areas the company has improved and failed. The month of December shows that the surgical day care trips have improved compared to previous months. On the contrary, bad debts increased to $381,201.12 compared to the preceding month which was 0 which means that a lot has to be done to improve the situation. The number of accounts receivable increased from $8,976,476.48 to $9,170,728.33 which shows improvement. Therefore, the company’s performance, as well as, the realisation of objectives can be achieved if the hospital addresses these bad debts. The article explains the different indicators of presentation which include volume, charges, collection, accounts receivable and unbilled accounts.
Charges and volume
The total costs accumulated in KPI for the company for December amount to $12,226,915.37. On the other hand, the overall expenses billed, Meditech, is $13,332,331.87. Aggregate fees billed that is SSI is 9,376,423.69 dollars. The volume of charges entered was $12,226,915.37. The month had 32 days of IP patient visits but twenty IP visits. The total number of patients who visited the facility requiring surgical day care totaled to 222 people. There was only one observation visit in December and 25 PAT visits. The month had 10 ER visits, and all these visits added up to 278 trips.
The month of December received the most significa…

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