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Evolution see instructions

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Evolution is the gradual change of characteristics of organisms over successive generations through natural selection. Darwin’s and Wallace spent much time exploring remote and distant lands trying to understand how different species came to existence. The species and fossils Wallace and Darwin encountered on the remote island and shores attracted them to start studying their findings. The paper is to analyze the argument of natural selection between Darwin and Wallace.
Origin of species occurs through random variation from generation to the next generation. The change of the future generation is affected by the environmental condition they are located. Through Darwin’s observation of agronomic practices, Darwin confirms that selection occurs by the accumulation of small or greater variations brought by the external condition (Jef, Min 18:36). Darwin also observed that different types of butterflies were found in different geographical conditions. We are therefore able to learn that the closer similar species are, the closer they tend to live.
Charles Darwin also discovered that species do not appear in Radom places instead they are located where other species are. Species of the same kind appear nearby preexisting species. Today’s species come from older species which are extinct giant versions once lived. Darwin, therefore, understood that all species were connected in a family tree (Jef, Min14). The family tree explains …

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