Evidence Based Nursing

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Evidence Based Nursing

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Nursing is a career that requires full commitment which calls for continuously developing new skills, acquiring new knowledge and staying up to date. All states have regulations requiring registered nurses to further continue their education, in some states, licensed practical nurses are also required to further their studies. In healthcare facilities, nurses’ new also have to be weaned into the system by being taught whatever they feel they are not competent enough and allowing them to practice as much as possible for them to properly acquire the required skills. This is done by allocating the new nurses a preceptor nurse to guide them through the process of learning. Preceptor nurses have enough experience to guide the new nurses through some practices they may not have been completed in nursing schools (Coyne et al. 2016). A nebulizer is a small device in healthcare that is used to change a drug from its fluid form into an aerosol by utilizing a compressor. New nurses may not be fully conversant on how this device works. A preceptor who has more experience is allocated to this novice nurse, who is then taught how to assemble and use the nebulizer for delivery of optimum healthcare.
Medicine is a field that experiences changes day-in-day out. New diseases are discovered as well as new treatment methods, hence the need for staying up-to-date as a nurse. In some health facilities, there are up to 8 different intensive care units with over t…

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