Even the rain (Tambien la lluvia) 2010

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Even the rain (Tambien la lluvia) 2010

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Even the Rain (También la Lluvia) 2010
Even the Rain is a Spanish drama film released on the 14th of October 2010 in Los Angeles, USA. The movie was directed by Icíar Bollaín and the screenplay written by Paul Laverty. Mandarin Cinema and Morena Films produced it. It received the Goya award for being the best in three categories; production supervision, original score and supporting actor. This paper presents a review of the film Even the Rain.
Movie Summary
This movie opens up when a film crew, including Sebastian, a Spanish director, his executive producer called Costa and others are in the Cochabamba region of Bolivia. They are shooting a film about the first explorations of Christopher Columbus and the treatment of the Indians by Spaniards during this time. Costa, the executive producer, preferred to shoot the movie in this area because the film’s budget was tight and the area’s cost of living could allow him to hire cheap extras, supernumeraries, and local actors. The shooting proceeds smoothly but is soon interrupted by a conflict that arises over a plan to privatize the area’s water supply. One of Costa’s local actors plays a lead role in the protests against the privatization. The demonstrations increase in intensity until the whole community erupts into violence which is presently known as the Bolivian Water War.
Movie Analysis
Whereas the movie’s concept may sound schematic, I think the screenwriter Paul Laverty brings i…

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