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Stages of Writing
The writing process encompasses five stages. Prewriting is the first stage, one brainstorm to generate ideas and ponder on development. Outlining structure of ideas stage involves strategizing on organizational structure and creating an overall outline. The third stage, writing a rough draft, involve using prewriting work to develop the first draft according to brainstormed ideas and organizational structure is chosen. Fourthly, the writer revises the draft and add content. Major changes include phrasing the main point eloquently, expanding on crucial ideas and reorganizing. Editing is the final stage in writing. The writer reviews the work to ensure there are no grammatical errors, and adherence to writing conventions (McWhorter, 18).
Elements that are helpful to a college student include; time management. Upon receiving a writing assignment, one writes the due date then work backward on how to progress with the assignment. Setting goals is another crucial habit so as to succeed in college. Pre-determined goals ensure time one does not waste in their day to day activities. Utilizing college resources also helps in improving student’s performance. Instructors, academic counselor, career resource center, and academic resource centers are some of the available resources within college fraternities.
As a student, effective time management, setting goals, and utilizing college resources will be most helpful when undertaking …

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