Evaluating Program Implementation Options: Voluntary Service

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Evaluating Program Implementation Options: Voluntary Service

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Voluntary Services
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Voluntary Service: Implementation
Every organization needs a perfect implementation strategy to achieve its goals and mission. The implementation of voluntary services is no exception. Planners and management must understand the complexities surrounding its implementation and the best methods to implement it. Therefore, a review of the advantages and disadvantages of voluntary servicing, the suitable circumstances for its use, and the legal, political, and management risks or challenges to be considered when evaluating the feasibility of using the option is important.
Advantages and Disadvantages of Voluntary Servicing
The best advantage that the implementation of voluntary services has is that it attracts volunteers. Volunteers are flexible and motivated, and cost-effective because they are suited for the role or task assigned to them. In contrast, voluntary servicing can be faced with different challenges during implementation. For example, the complexity of joint action causes confusion, conflict of values, distrust, and differences in priority (Starling, 2011). This hinders the delivery of services thus affected the organization’s ability to achieve its goals.
Suitability of Voluntary Servicing
Voluntary servicing is suitable as a social program when there are high rates of unemployment. In most cases, it is essential to come up with programs to provide jobs for the jobless. As an organization’s volunta…

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