Evaluating Pressures for Change

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Evaluating Pressures for Change

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Evaluating Pressures for Change
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Evaluating Pressures for Change
An Overview of the Organization
Child Crisis Arizona refers to a, not for profit organization within a Social Service Sector. The main mission of Child Crisis Arizona is to provide a secure environment, free from neglect and abuse by forming successful and strong families for the Arizona children (Loftus, 2015). Ideally, Child Crisis Arizona aims to maximize both philanthropic and government support and to meet the needs of low-income families and children. The organization fulfills its objective to enhance and combine resources to increase operating efficiencies. In April 2015, Crisis Center and Crisis Nursery merged to become Child Crisis Arizona as one strong and big community.
Child Crisis Arizona contains two emergency homes situated in Phoenix and Mesa Arizona. Children who are brought at one of the places reside temporarily and in care of the Department of Child Safety (Ducey & McKay, 2016). Child Crisis Organization helps families by providing them with resources, for instance; home visitation, counseling services, and Early Head Start studies. The organization is facing tremendous external pressure especially from the Department of Child Safety even though it has managed to support families and children in crisis.
Organizational and Environmental Pressures and Their Origin
Child Crises Arizona experiences both internal and external mode of institutiona…

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