Evaluating Existing Measures

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Evaluating Existing Measures

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Evaluating Existing Measures
Evaluating Existing Measures
Mental measurement Yearbook (MMY) is a database that contains descriptive information and reviews that are written by worldwide experts (Baumgartner and Burns 2013). To be part of MMY, the test should be available and published in English. The criteria include career records, intelligence, and psychological tests.
The original measurement approach is severity and symptoms which include conceptualizing the condition using psychiatric distress, checklist-90, questionnaires and the outcome form from the medical analysis. This approach helped answer the questions o the well being of the patient as well as how they respond to the effects of anxiety. On the other hand, Mental Measurement Yearbook has been proven successful through allowing the user to find what is being measured and thereby provide bibliographical information to guarantee that the tests are valid and reliable (Tuckman and Harper 2012). The MMY approach has been proven success by over 3,000 testing instruments (O’Brien and McCay-Peet 2017), and therefore I would make changes in the original method to try incorporating it with one that has been proven to give results. This is to ensure that the results recorded have some merit, as a result reliable.
The Mental Measurement Yearbook has both advantages and disadvantages. Some of the benefits are:
Complete access to the search engines
The information provided can be found in a co…

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