Evaluating Bias in Research

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Evaluating Bias in Research

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Evaluating Bias in Research
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Evaluating Bias in Research
First Step in the Student’s Guide to Research
The first step in the student’s guide to research involves the definition of the student’s topic of interest. The student needs to understand his or her assignment by getting an overview of the topic from general reference materials like encyclopedias, books, and dictionaries. The student can also begin by listing the keywords for searches that may include names, ideas, people, places, issues, and so on.
First Step of Research
The first step of research simply refers to the stage at which an individual or a researcher identifies his or her purpose of wanting to pursue a certain research. It involves determining the problem under study and defining the specific questions that should be answered by the research. It is the core of the whole research process as it acts as a guideline.
Major Assumptions and Bias
The drug industry is characterized by a lot of assumptions and bias related to drug research. According to Whoriskey (2012), over the past, most drug-related research has been conducted by people who are in one way or another connected to the company sponsoring the same research. It has been known that most companies hire their employees and other affiliated corporates to carry out drug research. Therefore, there is a high probability that these individuals will give biased views that are mostly aimed at favoring th…

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