Evaluate the merits of a specific film or book

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Evaluate the merits of a specific film or book

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Evaluate the merit of the book, The River Between by Ngugi wa Thiong’oStudent’s Name
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The River Between by Ngugi wa Thiong’o is fairy-tale of a society that is facing a myriad of hiccups. The challenges as depicted by the authors can be compared to a natural dilemma. There is one central character known as Waiyaki, who is an archetypal African on the inception of Christianity and missionary teaching in the continent (Ahmed, 2014). Waiyaki is quick to accept the teaching that makes him be depicted as an outcast by the society. The elders are not happy with his new ways and are set to destroy him plus other people who have joined the new faith which is Christianity.
Thesis statement
Waiyaki should be punished for pursuing the missionary teaching at the expense of the traditional teaching, as he had contravened the rules of the Kiama that are meant to safeguard the community against their enemies.
The tale talks about the inception of missionary teaching in Africa. There were both good and bad consequences of their arrival in Africa. In this story, the missionary has brought education to the African nations. That has brought civilization in the aforementioned society. Nevertheless, as long prophesied by a Gikuyu seer called Mugo wa Kabiro, the white men would take the land belonging to the community and make them servants (Thiong’o, 2015). The prophecy came to pass after the white men started a scramble for African countr…

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