Ethnic Profiling

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Ethnic Profiling

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Ethnic Profiling
By far and large ethnic profiling is an adopted concept by the security agencies to question probe and seize persons considered of interests based on their ethnicity. This form of profiling is targeted at minority groups believed to be more inclined to crime owing to the past encounters such as the US 911 whose perpetrators were of Muslim origin among few other dire incidences. By all means, racial profiling is not only legal but also constitution. The legitimacy of ethnic profiling has for long elicited debates as federal agencies try to cut the line between the liberty and state security. This is in spite of the judicial systems viewing ethnic profiling as to amount to unreasonable searches and seizure and consequently giving ramifications about this. The Equal protection clause which is contained in the civil acts rights primarily provides that every person is accorded equal and undue rights without discrimination or partial treatment based of their background, origin, race and even religion (Glover, 2014).
To bring light to this, the judicial system recognizes the fact that the equal protection clause in the civil rights does not in any way refrain the federal security agents from carrying out racial profiling practices when the need arises. This is owed to the reasons for such inequalities. Unintentional breach of the clause is acceptable, and this should be conducted in a way that does not elicit d…

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