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Ethnic Book/movie review

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In “The secret life” by Walter Mitty, the narrator tells about Walter as he takes a trip to town with his arrogant wife. The author describes Walter as an absent-minded man who could not handle the simple mechanical tasks and would forget things easily. However, Walter is exceptional because of his good imagination. As he drives, Walter imagines himself beings a commander of the “Navy Hydroplane.” He later imagines himself being a famous surgeon saving a VIP’s life. The story ends with Walter awaiting a romantic death.
The author depicts the theme of men and masculinity. Walter is presented as an ordinary man who hopes to become extraordinary. He feels dissatisfied by the fact that he does not meet the masculine ideals. This is because he is a poor driver, forgetful man, mechanically inept and a passive husband. Mrs Mitty says, “Remember to get those overshoes while I am having my hair done” (Thurber 22). The statement shows that Mitty is forgetful. Nevertheless, in his imaginations, he is seen as brave, skilled and respected by those around him. According to the narrator, these are the critical qualities of masculinity. The theme of dissatisfaction is also evident. Mitty does not like the way people treat him. This is because people see him as an ageing and bumbling man.
The main idea of the story is that acceptance of reality is vital in our lives. Mitty is portrayed as a dissa…

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