Ethics in the Media

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Ethics in the Media

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Ethics in the Media
Ethics and morals are critical elements in the success of any person. Ethics enable people to perform their chores diligently without engaging in unlawful activities. They enable people to carry out themselves in the way society expects them. All professions have their code of conduct that stipulates the way issues should be handled. For instance, journalists are expected to report the news after verifying the authenticity of the information in order to avoid instances of misguiding the public. However, ethics as a responsibility of each person are faced with several challenges due to the complexity of society.

Chapter One
Facts of the Case
The case involved a Boston Herald photojournalist Stanley Forman. Forman answered a call regarding a fire incident in one of the sections of the city. He ran down the alley to the back of the houses after arriving. On the fifth floor of the house, he saw a two years old girl together with her godmother aged nineteen years. The two were trying to escape the fire that had engulfed the house. Fortunately, for them, a fire engine had already raised an escape ladder for them to climb down from the building (Patterson and Lee 18). Additionally, another firefighter was stationed on the roof in an attempt to rescue the victims. Unfortunately, the fire escape ladder provided by the fire engine collapsed. Forman took four photos as the girls tumbled from the ladder using his 135 mm lens camera.

Key Issues
The case …

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