ethics in healthcare

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ethics in healthcare

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Ethics in Healthcare
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The healthcare industry thrives on the need to sustain the well-being of its stakeholders. However, health professionals admit that they face moral, legal, and ethical dilemmas in their quest to realize service delivery to their clients. However, health professionals derive relevant guidance and direction from the utilitarian perspective principles, which help guide them to make informed decisions when delivering services to the people. Despite being faced by moral, ethical, and legal challenges, health professionals admit that they have to apply critical thinking and the guidance of utmost good concepts to ensure that the decision made does not have devastating effects on the health of their patients. The paper applies concepts and principles of ethical practice in healthcare. It demonstrates that health professionals are often faced with dilemmas in their quest to ensure service delivery to their patients. Nonetheless, by applying the principles of utilitarianism, health professionals are able to resolve the challenges that face their patients. Besides, they are able to apply procedural decision-making and judgment to ensure that decisions made focus on the wellbeing of the patient.
Keywords: Ethics, Healthcare, Health professionals, patient

Ethics in Healthcare
Healthcare forms a pivotal part of the growth of the modern society. Healthcare professionals derive their success from the ability to solve …

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