Ethics in Congress

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Ethics in Congress

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The role of the chief of staff is to ensure that the link between the organization and the clients is built. And also it is the duty of the COS to effectively advise the leader on the best ways to make decisions that are profiting to the firm. With these responsibilities in mind, I would inform my leader concerning the non-profiting organization, and also enlighten him concerning the plans of that the CEO of that organization. Even though the organization narrowly missed the eligibility, it is not in order for the rules to be bent to fit them since there were other organizations that would prefer getting that opportunity but missed just like the non-profit organization. Therefore, it would be inappropriate to recommend the firm just because my cousin works there as a mid-level executive.
It is not ethically right to practice nepotism in the workplace. For that matter, I would not forward the request of the CEO from the non-profit organization since it will be practicing of nepotism which is not appropriate. Similarly, when checking the eligibility test of the organizations that were to be chosen for the federal support task, the non-profit organization didn’t merit just like other firms. Therefore, giving much favor to them wouldn’t be appropriate for other organizations that also missed the chance narrowly. I would, therefore, recommend that my leader only accept the talks with the CEO on other factors but not in relatio…

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