Ethics for Human Service Professionals

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Ethics for Human Service Professionals

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Impact of traditional social work practices to military settings and expectations
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Social workers help the human being to solve social, psychological and economic problems. They use scientific knowledge to understand human nature. The social workers believe that human beings are supposed to be respected regardless of their social status. This paper will focus on how traditional social work practices influenced military settings and expectations.
Ways in which traditional social work practices shaped military settings and expectations
The traditional social workers advocated for the adoption of the existing social order. The social workers encouraged soldiers to follow instructions without questioning. The theory helped the armed forces in their setting. The veterans work together focusing their attention on the directives given by the seniors. The soldiers work towards achieving objectives set by the commanders. In case of an emergency, the soldiers are able to take action in the shortest time possible. The chain of command of the military enhances its efficiency.
Traditional social workers used psychological theories to solve personal shortcomings. The theories supported individuals to deal with their problems personally. The principles fostered veterans to focus on their work even when they are affected by community problems. The formulations stimulated the military to deal with their inner self. The armed f…

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