Ethics and laws in field of journalism option

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Ethics and laws in field of journalism option

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Ethics and laws in the field of journalism
Ethics and laws in journalism refer to regulations that govern the conduct of journalist. The guidelines stipulate the working limits of a journalist. Media is a paramount institution in the society. The way the media delivers information it influences the perception of the audience in making decisions (David 16). For the media to be objective in spreading of information, it has to be ethical. This paper will focus on ethics and laws in journalism and how the regulations help a journalist to be objective in their reporting.
Importance of ethics and laws in journalism
Ethics helps a journalist to give reliable and relevant information. The laws develop instructions followed by the journalist to ensure equity in the society. The regulations are paramount since they help journalists to stick to their line of duty. The principles focus the interest of viewers, audiences, and readers first.
Ways used by a journalist to honor individuals’ privacy
It is the work of media to update the public on current issues. However, as they perform their duty, they are supposed to respect people’s privacy. The media honor people by various ways which include making some sources of information anonymous for security purposes, failing to disclose the names of victims of sexual abuse and lottery winners. In case of a war or accident, the media does not show the photograph…

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